OK everybody

Ive been working hard to get this site set up

and i think its basically done....were still gonna upload all the stuff!!! DONT FRET!!!

and i will try to remember to update and stuff



I have decided to add a link to my blog!

its www.pookified.blogspot.com

and if that doesnt work just go to www.blogspot.com and search Celene R. or Pooktales

it should be there.


Also i think it is important to tell you that the most visited profile this month on this site is Erika's!!!!

Congratulations E!


Like i said before we were gona get some new pictures, and we did and they have been uploaded!!!!!!!! yay


Celene, brand spanking new
Celene, brand spanking new

Today is Transvestite Thursday!!!


We honor the awesome Trannies!!!


Were planning to get BRAND NEW photos this weekend, maybe as early as Friday

well thats tommorow!


We have one BRAND SPANKING NEW photo as shown above!!!

New Scene Queens!!!


This is still a new website, but we already have our scene queens! We will feature pictures and info on them!

On this site you can view pictues, comment on them, talk to the scene queens, and add your own content. 









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